Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Trip to a Bamboo Forest

I love the Fall. After the agony of sweltering, humid days and typhoons, I am so happy the cool weather and sunshine is here. It's glorious! And I know it's not going to stick around for very long so I am set on enjoying every moment of it.

TO celebrate the cooler weather, Spencer and I took a day trip to Damyang to see a bamboo forest. It was a beautiful Fall day (have I mentioned I love Fall?!) and many people were out enjoying the forest with us. September in South Korea is prime hiking time so everyone and their mother was out enjoying the cool air and sunshine.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Flower: Tiny Orange Morning Glory

This is, with out a doubt, the smallest morning glory in the land. I love the bright orange color and the fact that this adorable little life form was growing on quite possibly the ugliest man made fence on the planet. It caught my eye as we were walking to the bamboo forest in Damyang.

Get excited, folks! I've decided to add a little something extra to the Friday Flower posts--fun links! I've seen other bloggers do it and, well frankly, I'm jumping on that bandwagon. I think it's a fun way to showcase other blogs and cool things I find while browsing internet.

I hope you enjoy them and have a fabulous weekend!

A woven picture through time

Joanna's beautifully planned guide to New York City

Welcome to the Jungalow, a new Tumblr by Justina from Compai

I didn't know you had a dog!

I'm in love with this powder room

Friday Flower: This series is meant to insert as much beauty and joy as possible into my life and the lives of my readers. It's a small reminder to stop and smell the roses and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I hope you enjoy the beauty!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kara's Cupcakes Branding

One of my friends from high school recently got a job working for the newest branch of Kara's Cupcakes. She posted a picture on Facebook of her new business card and I instantly loved their branding. It's cute, classy, and eco-friendly (all of their boxes are compostable!).

What do you think? Love it, hate it, or meh?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Trend: The Cape

I have been dreaming of capes for Fall this year. I think they would be so fun to play in! I would love to wear one while swinging on swings, strolling through bamboo forests, or solving mysteries. Plus, it's almost my birthday so someone really should...

Sherlock, Red, Granny