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A little about me:
My name is Maggie High. I'm a California native, born and raised on an almond ranch. I spent my childhood raising animals for 4-H, playing little league, gardening with my mom, learning to sew and embroider, climbing hay stacks with my cousins, and loving every second of it. I went down to sunny San Diego State for college where I majored in International Business. It was an amazing experience to be away from home and study abroad in France and with the amazing Semester At Sea program. I learned much more in college than I ever dreamed I would. I am so thankful for all the experiences I had. San Diego is also where I met my husband, Spencer. We were married in May 2011 and are now living in South Korea teaching English to children. If you are interested, you can read more about our travels at our travel site, Destination Exploration.

A little about the blog:
I first started this blog while sitting in a cubicle. It was my escape. My way to remember all the beautiful and wonderful things in this world. I would start to get sad about the amount of paperwork I had to process and then I'd remember Anne Frank's quote: "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." So that is what I did. I started looking for beautiful things, interesting concepts in design, or cool things and I'd blog about them. I'd like to think this is a space for sharing and discovering new things/ideas, for savoring the beauty in a sunset, and discovering the vastness of your mind. However, sometimes it's just about how cute a dress is! :)

A little about the name:
The name "A Spoonful of Sugar" comes from one of my all time favorite movies, Mary Poppins. For me, it means that with a little bit of goodness we can get through anything we need to. Sometimes, we have to take medicine but just a little bit of happiness will help us get past it and will ultimately make us better. At the beginning this blog was the sugar to my tiresome desk job. Now, A Spoonful of Sugar is there to remind me to enjoy and celebrate the beautiful things in life. It's also inspiration to create even more beauty in this world.

Contact Me:
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at maggieehigh (at) gmail (dot) com

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