Wednesday, July 20, 2011

S. Korean Craft Store

On the walk home from work on Tuesday Spencer suggested we take a different route home. If we got lost we could always just hop in a cab so I agreed. I am so happy I obliged because we found a craft store!!! :) 

I am so happy to have found art supplies in Suncheon. When we interviewed for the positions, I asked another English teacher if there were any craft stores in the city. He said, "oh, the school will have everything you need." I'm sure he thought I was thinking of art projects for the students but I was thinking about art projects for me! I didn't bring it up again but was a little disappointed that he didn't automatically say, "oh yeah, there are tons of craft stores!" I figured I would have to go to bigger cities to find materials. 

I was so happy in that store! I wanted to look at everything and buy paints, brushes, stamps, stickers, colorful paper, paint pens, and tons of other things! Unfortunately, we haven't gotten paid yet, it was getting dark, and Spencer was tired (well, I was tired too but I was on a creative high!) so we went home. I took pictures of the store sign, the stores across the street, the high rise apartments near it, and tried to memorize the whole walk home so I would know exactly how to get back. 

You better believe that I will be back the day after payday!


  1. Hello Maggie. Thanks for the kind words on my blog! Just did you find it? Where exactly is Suncheon? Sounds very familiar. My wife was equally as giddy when she found a craft store in Yeongju...I'm sure you two have a lot in common. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Hi Jake! Great to hear from you! Crafting is close to my heart and I love everything from knitting to painting. Too bad you guys live so far away, I would love to have a crafting buddy in South Korea. Suncheon is in the South in Jeollanam-do -- Google maps link:

    As to how I found your blog...I can't remember. Maybe on Waegook Tom's blog? Maybe Google? I can't be sure. I've used many ways to try and find other South Korean bloggers. Perhaps reddit? Are you a redditor?

    My husband and I have a more travel-specific blog where we write about South Korea and other travels at if you're interested.