Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Date Night Style

Since I recently moved to South Korea, I've been checking out the local street styles. Some of the girls have very cute style and I wanted to make a post that would translate well both at home and in Korea. 

First of all, Koreans loooove short skirts but I have never seen an adult woman wear anything less than a two inch wide tank top (and that was only once). I don't think they even sell tube tops here. Seriously. 

Secondly, Korean girls love cute things, like that adorable Kate Spade elephant belt and beautiful Ruche earrings. I just love the color of those earrings--gorgeous, just gorgeous! 

Lastly, when they go out, they wear heels. No exceptions. If you are Korean and have any kind of night life style, you're wearing heels out. I love this pair of Calvin Klein nude pumps and the chunky heel will make it easier to walk on the not-so-even sidewalks in South Korea. 
  • Ruche florette petals earrings in tangerine
  • Ruche vanilla sky buttoned top 
  • Kate Spade elephant belt
  • Zara accordian pleat skirt
  • Calvin Klein nude pumps
  • Ruche blushing traveler pink convertible purse

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