Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunny Saturday in Suncheon

On Saturday afternoon Spencer and I left our apartment to find a beautiful sunny day outside. The sky was so blue, probably the bluest I've seen in Korea so far, and there were pretty white fluffy clouds gliding along. The air was fresh and the heavy, sticky, smoggy, awful humidity had let up a bit. It was a welcome change to the terrible weather we'd had during the week. We walked to a main road to catch a cab to get haircuts. While waiting for a cab, I snapped this picture of some vines growing on a brick wall.

Have you ever seen a brick wall made this way?? I thought it was pretty clever.

We had to wait about an hour since we were walk-ins so we walked around the shops nearby.

Isn't this clock shop cool? Look at those cuckoos!

A smiling horse! :)

We bought this little guy from the florist shop behind the horse. It says on the card that it's called "Snow White Park."

Finally, here's the hair cut!

I'm thankful the hairdresser spoke some English but I was still really nervous! I showed her how short I wanted it and told her to cut it all one length. I was too scared to get an actual style or layers or anything like that. It's a lot shorter than before but still long enough. I'm really happy with it!

Here's how long it was before, if you're interested. She cut a good 4-5 inches! 

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