Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gogobot Hotel Challenge

Social media meets travel on the fun and informative new website, Gogobot. Gogobot enables you to connect with other travelers to plan trips, ask questions, and give recommendations. I find great joy in talking about travel, telling people about awesome places I've been to or cool experiences I've had, and encouraging them to get out there and travel too! So, I love this site!!! It really is a great resource to tap into when planning any kind of trip, whether it be a weekend, week long, or even an around the world trip.

Gogobot is currently having a Hotel Challenge where you can get points to try and win an iPad or an iPod Nano. You can recieve points for writing hotel reviews, recommending hotels to people planning trips, and by getting friends to "like" your reviews. The more reviews on Gogobot, the better the site becomes so I encourage you to get connected and share your opinions, even if you only have a couple of reviews to write.

Join the community (and the fun!) and get over to Gogobot, sign up, and start sharing!

Also, like my reviews! :)

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