Monday, January 17, 2011

Skiing at Bear Valley

 On Saturday, I went skiing for the first time and it was marvelous! The day was sunny, warm, and perfect. First, I started out on the smallest hill imaginable to get a feel for the snow and the skis. I was really nervous at first. Sliding around on the snow with things attached to my feet was a whole new experience for me. (I'd been sledding before but that's it.) Then I took a class where I learned some good technique from a very nice man named Nole and my confidence increased considerably. I left class early to go try out the lift and a real run. The first time off the lift I fell hard and couldn't get up. The guy working there had to come lift me up out of the snow and onto my skis! I was so nervous the first time down but I did it without falling! I was so proud of myself and I couldn't wait to meet up with Spencer and Carlos at lunch to tell them how well I was doing.

 me and Spencer, Bear Valley

me skiing on the "Cub" run
  Spencer hadn't been snowboarding in about 7 years and he was very happy to be back at it!

At night there was a torch light parade where a big group of people went down the mountain with flares. It was so cool to see them all skiing/boarding down surrounded by red, glowing torches. It was a beautiful, clear night which was perfect for the parade. After all the people made it down to the bottom of the mountain, the fireworks started. They were so pretty! 

It was a remarkable day; one I will never forget! I had so much fun skiing down the hills, riding the lift, and spending time with good people. I can't wait to go again!!!

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