Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nine Cities I Love

My Top 9 Cities:
1. San Diego, CA - where I fell in love with my husband and met some really amazing friends
2. San Francisco, CA - I love SF with a burning passion...every time I visit, I love it more.
3. Cape Town, South Africa - beautiful city! I loved visiting the botanical gardens and climbing Table Mountain. The view from the top was spectacular!
4. Tokyo, Japan - vibrant, fast-paced, clean, safe, wonderful
5. Paris, France - I love/hate Paris....but I learned a lot from this city and always dream about returning and perfecting my French
6. Modesto, CA - I grew up here. The people make the place: my family <3
7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - the bikes, the Dutch, the canals--this city is a dream
8. Suncheon, South Korea - my new home for the next year
9. Melbourne, Australia - a place I would love to visit!! the only one on the list I haven't been to

I first saw this picture on my friend Robin's blog. Go check out her top nine cities.

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