Monday, April 11, 2011

A Brown Dog

I drive through the countryside every morning on my way to work. I see all sorts of animals from horses to magpies but there is one animal in particular that I always look for. At first sight, he’s nothing special, just an old, brown farm dog.

He is medium sized with small ears, a square shaped body, and hair the color of the earth. He has a worn, blue color and a stiff walk suggesting he’s been around for a while. This dog is indistinguishable as to what breed it is; he is simply a brown dog. Like I said before, nothing special.

What draws me to this simple fellow, is how he spends his mornings. In the early morning sunshine, I often see him sitting with his face toward the sun, eyes closed, and smile on his face. He is soaking up the morning rays like he needs them to live and loving every second like he could never do without. He always looks so calm and serene but most of all he looks happy. He is so content just to sit in the sunshine bringing on the new day in his own quiet way. He inspires me to be more like him. To welcome the day with a smile and a gentle easiness, never worrying about the past or future but living completely in the moment.

Whenever I see him, I’m reminded of his simple way of life and his simple pleasures and I aspire to be more like him.

I never thought I would have a dog as a role model but I’m happy I do. I've found that I am happy to sit with my face towards the morning sun, eyes closed, and a smile on my face, living entirely in the moment.

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