Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simply Comforting

This room reminds me of my grandmother, Betty. She was an amazing lady with a good sense of humor and a talent for quilting, crochet, and knitting. Her work was always amazing and she wouldn't accept anything less than perfect from herself. She always told me to make sure the back was just as neat as the front and to always finish my projects. She also taught me the wonders of grouping things in odd numbers to get the best visual effect.

She's made me many things over the years but my favorite is a little, crocheted, hot pink elephant. She made it in one day when we were working on projects together.

Sadly, she passed away a few years back. She loved butterflies and every time I see one fluttering around, I think of her with her soft wrinkled face and her little, midwestern twang.

I really wish she was around to attend my wedding next month. I remember dumpster diving with her and my aunt after my cousin's wedding because someone accidentally threw away her hanky she used to wipe her tears away at every grandchild's wedding. I remember thinking then about her using it at my wedding one day...

I love and miss you Nana. <3

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