Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Greens Market

Yesterday, my coworker/good friend Lindsey took me to a great, new market for lunch called Greens Market. It's an all organic market with local, organic produce, artisan specialty products, and pre-made meals, sides, and desserts. They have a cold case filled with delicious sides like sweet potatoes with walnuts, pesto pasta salad, and chilled cooked salmon fillets.

There were lots of in season flowers around the store including a lot of sunny daffodils.

My Uncle John is an organic dairyman and sells his milk to Organic Valley. The whole milk cartons currently have a cartoon image of him and my cousin Laura, who works alongside him on the farm. It was really exciting for me to see their carton there because I'd never seen it in a store before.
There was a good selection of chocolates and treats along with all the healthy stuff. I got my brother a Vosges bacon flavored chocolate bar because he is obsessed with bacon. I got a salted, burnt caramel, dark chocolate bar for me and Spencer to try along with some Free Leaf hand tied, little bouquets of whole leaf green tea. Sounds fancy, huh? I love occasionally indulging in fancy foods. It makes me feel like a queen. :)

There are little tables inside to eat at and they also have a coffee/tea bar and a bakery case with cookies, pastries, and desserts.

There are tables outside as well and since it was such a beautiful day yesterday, Lindsey and I ate outside in the sunshine.

All in all, it was great fun to explore a new market, eat some yummy lunch, and buy some treats to share! Thanks Lindsey! :) You are awesome.

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