Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tissue Paper Frilly Cupcake Topper DIY

This is my favorite topper so far! I love the frilly, softness of it and I can just imagine it billowing softly in the warm May breeze on my wedding day. It's fun to play with the different color tissue paper and make pretty color combinations. 

Without further ado, here are the do-it-yourself instructions. I hope you like it! 

Supplies needed:
- scissors
- glue (I used hot glue but I think a normal white glue would work great!)
- ribbon
- lollipop sticks

Fold tissue paper in half and glue the ends together lightly without creasing the fold. Gluing it will make it easier to cut the fringe. Cut the fringe in however big portions as you like.
Lay the tissue paper down flat and put a line of glue along the bottom. Roll the paper onto your lollipop stick. I started with a yellow, smaller fringe in the center and blue on the outside to make it look like a flower.
Roll it up!

Finish it off by gluing a ribbon around the bottom of the tissue paper to get a finished look.

C'est fini!

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