Monday, March 7, 2011

Lace Cupcake Topper DIY Instructions

Cupcakes are so delicious, fun to eat, and cute but they are nothing at a wedding without a super cute topper. I've been making a lot of different cupcake toppers recently and I even got a little help last weekend from my friends who came to visit: Amanda and Alicia. It was so fun to have people to craft with! Spencer even joined in on the fun which was awesome and a total surprise to me!

I let them get creative and make whatever they wanted as long as it was within the color scheme. They did such a good job!! I love having a good mix of toppers. I think the best line of the crafting day was Spencer asking if it was okay to get "spherical," to which I promptly replied, "yes!"

Below is the first of a few of the designs I made. This is my first total do-it-yourself post with instructions and multiple pictures so please give me any feedback you have! I hope you like them!  
(p.s. sorry for my poor photography!)

First, I cut out circles with my handy, circle puncher I got at the craft store. I used a slightly thicker scrap booking paper. You need the thicker paper to help the circle keep it's shape when you cover it.

 Cut out a piece of lace bigger than the circle and with the pattern you want.
 Lay the lace over the circle where you want it and flip it over. 

 Hold it between your thumb and forefinger and cut the lace around the edges of the circle leaving enough lace to attach to the back. 

 I left this much lace around the edges.

 Start gluing (I used hot glue) the lace in a circular fashion and be careful not to pull it too tight at first to avoid stretching the lace into a weird shape on the front.

 It should look vaguely like this when you're finished.

 Then glue the stick on. I used a lollipop stick from the baking section of the craft store. I think they are cuter than popsicle sticks or tooth picks. I like that they are sturdy, white, and round.

 Lastly, I glued another circle on the back to cover up the glued parts and the stick. I used the same color paper, but you could use another color if you would like.

 It's finished! Lace cupcake topper is ready for its cupcake!


  1. Wow Maggie this is SO cool! How fun to do it yourself too, wish I could have helped! So glad you're keeping all of us up to date and involved in the process of the wedding!

  2. I love it! And I love that I got to be involved in making these SUPER cute toppers. I can't wait to try and find the robots in the mix :)

  3. There is such a good mix of different toppers, I can't wait for everyone to see them! Excellent DIY directions too...keep these fun things coming!!

  4. Thank you Kacey, Alicia, and Spencer! :) You are all so awesome and I love you so much! It was a lot of fun making all the toppers and there are more DIYs to come!